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Tires and Brakes

Southside Hitch - Trailer Tires and Brakes

Your vehicle and your trailer perform different duties, so it makes sense that trailer tires and brakes are not the same as your vehicle’s. In fact, they are constructed completely differently. So, at Southside Hitch we take the time to match each trailer with the correct tire for weight and use.

Trailer Tires

Trailer tires don’t need functions such as motorized rotation, steering control or brakes. They simply need to be able to carry the load of the trailer and the cargo. Choosing the perfect tire is usually a complicated decision for trailer owners but at Southside Hitch we make it easy. Our professional team has years of experience and can choose the best tires based on your trailer and how you use it. Installation for a trailer tire is much similar to that of a vehicle tire. We’ll make sure your tires are perfectly aligned and inflated. We carry a wide selection of special trailer tires, which are categorized by the gross vehicle weight the axle can withstand. Southside Hitch offers the best trailer tires and wheels from manufacturers like TowStar, Maxiss and Hercules.

Trailer Brakes

Southside Hitch can service trailer brakes and install new ones. Our electrical service team can seamlessly wire your vehicle up to your trailer to connect the electric brakes. We will also install brake controllers from top brands like Tekonsha and Curt. Drivers towing a trailer should always be conscious of the added weight behind them and account for that by slowing early before a stop.

Southside Hitch carries a wide selection of trailer brakes and brake parts, you can gather more information on our trailer brakes page. If you would like to schedule an appointment for brake or tire service, give Southside Hitch a call at 804-378-1992.