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Pintle Hooks & Mounts

When dealing with the heavy-duty towing demands that come with agriculture and construction work, something more than a standard ball mount to tow with is needed. Pintle hooks and mounts offer a high weight capacity and are more dependable for towing heavier loads. They range in a towing capacity from 10,000 to 60,000 pounds.

Most pintle hitches follow a basic hook-and-loop design, with the hook mounted to the towing vehicle and the loop (lunette ring) attached to the trailer. They are available in a variety of styles including a receiver style that fits a standard receiver trailer hitch and an adjustable style that mounts to an adjustable mounting plate.

Pintle hitches definitely have their advantages over traditional ball mounts. As we mentioned earlier, pintle hitches have nearly double the towing capacity of ball mounts. They also allow for more movement at the attachment point. The additional room in the loop gives the hitch more range of motion—both vertically and horizontally—making it ideal for use on uneven, off-road terrain.

There are also a couple of downsides to having a greater range of motion in a pintle hitch. More motion means a noisier ride and faster wear at the attachment point. It also means a weight distribution system cannot be used with it as well.

Southside Hitch carries pintle hooks and mounts from a variety of top manufacturers like Curt, Reese and more. Let our expert technicians upgrade your towing capacity by professionally installing a new pintle hitch to your towing vehicle.

If you are in need of a pintle hitch installation, call Southside Hitch at 804-378-1992 to schedule an appointment today. Our professional team will be glad to serve you. We can also handle all of your hitch repair and replacement needs too.

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