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Axles Repaired or Replaced

Southside Hitch - Axles Repaired or Replaced

If your trailer tires do not wear evenly or the wheel is wobbly, you may have an axle or bearing issue. Axles can become damaged in many different ways. A few examples include hitting a pothole or large object, overloading the trailer and/or neglecting the wheel bearings.

Bearing Damage Breakdown

Your axles are connected to the wheel hub, which have inner and outer bearings on both sides. These bearings are protected with grease to reduce friction and heat. With proper maintenance, wheel bearings can last for many years and miles. Neglecting the bearings can lead to failure which can damage the axle.

Axle & Tire Alignment

If your trailer tires are wearing unevenly, the axle may be out of alignment. The most common sign of this would be the tires wearing on the inside edge. If a trailer has been overloaded, the axle can lose its camber, which in turn causes the tires to lean inward.

No matter what is wrong with your trailer, here at Southside Hitch, we can quickly and accurately diagnose the problem. Our team of skilled technicians will examine every option, helping you to decide what the best repair would be. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment, give us a call at 804-378-1992.