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Trailer Brakes

Whatever you are towing, it takes a lot of power and distance to slow down the immense weight of a tow vehicle and trailer. Having a complete trailer brake system installed can greatly improve a tow vehicle’s ability to safely break and avoid collisions. There are two types of brake systems that can be found on a trailer.

Surge Brakes

Surge brakes are hydraulic and use the natural momentum of the trailer to actuate the brakes. When the tow vehicle slows down, the weight of the trailer pushes against the hitch and activates a hydraulic cylinder. This hydraulic cylinder transfers pressure to the brakes slowing the trailer down. While surge brakes may be smooth and easy to work with, they cannot be used independently from the tow vehicle’s brakes to control trailer sway.

Electric Brakes

Electric brakes are simpler than surge brakes but require the installation of an electrical brake controller.

They work by using electromagnets to actuate the drum brakes. When the driver steps on the tow vehicle brakes, a current is sent through the brake controller in the vehicle. The brake controller then sends a current to the trailer brakes activating the brake magnets. Without having to engage the tow vehicle brakes, the driver can also use the electrical brake controller to apply brake force to control trailer sway.

Southside Hitch offers trailer brakes from top brands like Dexter. With over 50 years of manufacturing experience, Dexter provides quality engineered products that meet the standards we demand for our customers. Our expert technicians can install a complete trailer brake system featuring hydraulic surge or electronic brakes.

If your trailer brakes are in need of repair or replacement, call Southside Hitch at 804-378-1992 today. Our professional team will be glad to serve you. We can also handle all of your hitch repair and replacement needs too.

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