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Our History

Southside Hitch

Southside Hitch has been serving customers in the Central Virginia area for over 30 years. We’re proud of our history and have become an established part of our local community. We opened our doors in South Richmond on March 8th, 1989 by founder Roland Barlow. Roland worked directly for U-Haul and Hidden Hitch before opening his own shop. This was a one-man operation for many years serving local car dealerships as well as individuals. Roland is currently enjoying his retirement while living in Florida.

Today Southside Hitch is owned by Midlothian resident Charles Hale. We have quickly grown from a one-man operation to a full-service shop with an extensive staff of dedicated technicians, each with a different yet complimentary background.

Everyone here at Southside Hitch takes pride in doing their job correctly. We don't oversell unnecessary repairs. We take pride in informing our customers of the many choices they have in proceeding with a repair. This is why we offer free quotes on trailer service. Our most important goal is to provide a service where trailer safety is the top priority.