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Wheel Chocks

Wheel chocks are wedges, usually made of a sturdy metal or synthetic material, designed to be placed behind the wheels of a vehicle to prevent it from moving while loading, unloading, hitching or unhitching. Chocks are used for additional safety along with setting the brakes. When used properly, chocks can ensure maximum safety for both users and equipment. They are an inexpensive way to keep you and others safe while your vehicle and trailer are parked.

There are many different combinations of conditions that need to be considered when choosing the right wheel chocks. Since safety is our top priority at Southside Hitch, we can help you determine the appropriate wheel chocks for your towing vehicle and equipment.

All wheel chocks have the same main function. However, choosing the right one for your vehicle means taking into consideration a few key factors. The gross operating weight of your vehicle, tire size and type as well as the condition of the ground can all affect the performance of wheel chocks.

Heavier vehicles will require larger chocks than lighter vehicles. The same goes for tires—smaller tires require smaller chocks and larger tires require larger chocks. Radial tires deflect more than bias-ply tires allowing them to wrap around a wheel chock. To prevent this, wheel chocks used with radial tires should be larger than what is normally recommended.

When your vehicle is parked on a slope or incline, wheel chocks should be installed on the side of the wheel that faces the downward slope. When parked on a flat surface, it is recommended to chock both sides of the wheel. Always use pairs of wheel chocks along the rear tires.

If you need to purchase wheel chocks for your vehicle or equipment, call Southside Hitch today at 804-378-1992. Our professional team will be glad to help choose the right product for you.

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