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Trailer Lights

One of the most important parts of towing is visibility and your trailer lights are some of your most important safety accessories. Keeping the lights on your trailer in working order is very important to your safety while towing and to the safety of other drivers around you. It means making sure other drivers can see you and know when you are braking, turning or changing lanes.

In most states, all trailers are required by law to have brake lights, tail lights, turn signals and reflectors. Depending on the dimensions of the trailer, you may even need additional lights and reflectors. In Virginia, it is also required that a white light be mounted to illuminate the rear license plate. It must also be visible from a distance of 50 feet to the rear of the trailer.

Always perform a light safety check before taking a trailer out on the road. There are many common issues that can cause trailer lights to not function properly. Faulty wiring harnesses, worn or frayed wire connections or burned out bulbs are just a few things that could cause trouble if not checked prior to towing. Luckily, most of them are simple fixes and Southside Hitch can help.

Southside Hitch offers trailer lights by brand names Peterson and Optronics. Peterson and Optronics are manufacturers of high-tech LED vehicle lighting products. Since safety is our highest priority, we only recommend and install the most dependable trailer lights.

Our skilled technicians can professionally install any light kit for your trailer. Headlights, taillights, turn markers and even warning lights—we have you covered from bumper to bumper.

If you need trailer lights installed, repaired or inspected, call Southside Hitch at 804-378-1992 today. Our professional team will be glad to serve you. We can also handle all of your hitch repair and replacement needs too.

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