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Ball Mounts

In order to safely tow a trailer, it should always be as level as possible. However, it is not often a tow vehicle and trailer line up perfectly. That is why ball mounts come in various sizes and provide a rise or drop to offset the height difference between a trailer and tow vehicle.

The rise in a ball mount is the distance from the shank to the top of the ball platform. A ball mount with a rise is needed when the trailer coupler height is higher than the hitch height of the towing vehicle. The drop in a ball mount is measured the same way but in the opposite direction of a rise. A ball mount with a drop is used to compensate for when a trailer coupler height is lower than the hitch height.

If you tow multiple trailers with varying coupler heights, an adjustable ball mount may be the best choice. With an adjustable ball mount, the rise and drop can be changed to accommodate different coupler heights. This can save the cost and time of using a separate ball mount for each trailer.

Southside hitch offers ball mounts from trusted brands like Curt, B&W and Draw-Tite. Ball mounts range in class based on their weight capacity. The most commonly used ball mount class is a class 3. A class 3 ball mount has a gross trailer weight capacity of 7,500 pounds and a tongue weight capacity of 750 pounds. This makes them ideal for towing heavy-duty trailers, including campers, RVs, utility trailers and livestock trailers.

If you need assistance choosing the right ball mount for your hitch, call Southside Hitch at 804-378-1992 today. Our professional team will be glad to serve you. We can also handle all of your hitch repair and replacement needs too.

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